“A different experience, for an unforgettable moment”.

ESPACIO IT is now ANOOK. For this reason, we recently held an event to present the new brand. After many hours of work and effort, our hidden treasure finally comes to light. After having developed, for many years, a comprehensive management software exclusively for companies in the construction sector and industry of the Villar Mir Group, and being co-participants in the success of these companies, it is time to go a step further, it is time to share our most precious treasure with the world.

This milestone deserved a different celebration, a celebration in style, and that’s what we did. We share with you a very special moment at ANOOK, an experience we will never forget.

“I loved today’s event, it was amazing, a very pleasant experience.” – ANOOK party attendee

“We always went to dinner and today was another event – the magician was great!” – ANOOK party attendee

We would like to thank all the attendees of our opening party for all the support and affection received, the laughs and the good time we had. From now on it’s time to discover and shine, it’s time for ANOOK, THE GOLDEN SOFTWARE, don’t miss the other testimonials and the good atmosphere we created at our party.  


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